I named court complex after my wife so she won’t leave office empty-handed – Wike


Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike said he named Magistrates Court Complex blocks after his wife, Justice Suzzette Eberechi, so she will not leave office empty-handed.

Speaking during the inauguration of the complex on Thursday, Wike said he decided to name one block after his wife so as not to leave office empty-handed, having named other structures after distinguished justices.

“The first building by my immediate left has to be named Justice Chibuzor Amadi Block. And then we remembered one of our own who is late, Justice Elizabeth Membre. Block B is named after her. The President of the Customary Court of Appeal was also a Magistrate before, so the third block is named after the President of the Customary Court of Appeal.

“And then the last block, I said I will not go empty-handed. Every day, people say Wike you are generous. If I’m generous to myself, is it bad? So as I am leaving, let me also name that one after my wife. So, it will be named after Justice Suzzette Eberechi Nyesom Wike. What matters to me is Nyesom Wike, so my name is there and that block is for my dear wife,” Wike said.

The governor also clarified that he named one of the complex blocks after a former Chief Judge of the state, Justice Iche Ndu because he contributed to the growth of the judiciary.

“Why did we name this place after Justice Ndu? During his tenure as Chief Judge, he did very well – it was the period I was the Chief of Staff. You see a Chief Judge coming with dignity. You see a Chief Judge and you know that he is a Chief Judge and he contributed to the growth of the judiciary.

“We felt like, now that he is alive, let us remember that he has done his own work; that is why we have to name this complex, Justice Iche Ndu Magistrates Court Complex,” he explained.