‘I became blind due to beating I received from SARS operatives’

I became blind due to beating I received from SARS operatives'

Mr Nicholas Nwaokoro who got blind from beating he received from the disbanded operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad at the Oluobasanjo Police station in Port Harcourt City local government area has demanded eight million naira for further treatment abroad to restore his eyesight.

Nwaokoro said he was beaten by the operatives for packing his vehicle beside SARS car in 2009.

“Early 2009, I was called by my wife that her sister has been arrested by the Police Officers of Oluobasanjo Police Division in connection to a problem in her workplace. I drove to the station and the officers told me to pay ten thousand naira for her bail, which I did and she was released.

“As I walked to where I parked my bus inside the Police station premises, a SARS vehicle was parked beside my bus, the SARS Officers came out of the vehicle and pounced on me, asking me if I am not afraid to park my bus beside SARS vehicle, they hit me with their gun, blew my face, my eyes, immediately I could not see well again. My face was swollen instantly, the officers of the Oluobasanjo Division rushed out and rescued me from the SARS Officers.

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“The ASP who handled the case of my sister-in-law came out, gave me back the ten thousand naira I paid for my in-law’s bail and ordered some Officers to take me to a nearby pharmacy.

I was giving some first aid treatment, from there I started going from hospital to hospital, that was how I became blind. I went to several hospitals in Port Harcourt, Owerri, Calabar, they referred me to mercy hospital Uyo.

“In Mercy Hospital, they did the operation in the eye, that the optic pressure has increased and formed what is called glaucoma, they did surgery on the eyes seven times without success, they referred me abroad to Syrup hospital in India. When I got there in 2011, I was examined and the doctors told me that all the previous treatment I have received were all fake.

“They gave me treatment and I was able to see little by little, they said I should be coming for further treatment every six months, but no money to go for the treatment since then till now. The eyes have become worse, I can no longer see, I want the Commission to help me. I demand eight million naira compensation to enable me to go for the treatment, even if I can have thirty per cent of my vision back, I will be okay”


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