Native Doctor missing since August after police arrest

Doctor missing since August after police arrest

Family of a native doctor, Uchechi Agwu Kalu has narrated how he went missing after he was arrested by operatives of the Abia Police Command.

The family told the Abia State Judicial Commission of Inquiry into police brutalities that he was last seen at Azuka police station on 11th August, 2020.

Elizabeth Agwu Kanu, a younger sister of the missing man narrated how her elder brother, a native doctor, was last seen after he was arrested by the police.

She told the panel that ” I was at the shop where I am learning tailoring on that day, my eldest brother Udeze called me on phone saying he was called on phone that I should go to Azuka police station to see my brother.

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“I closed from work and went to the police station. When I got there, I met a police woman who asked me who I was looking for, and I said my elder brother Uchechi Agwu Kalu.

“She searched the book, and asked me if my brother is a doctor, and I said yes. The police woman asked me to bring tissue paper, Izal,and toilet soap, but that if I don’t have it I could bring N1000.

“I gave her N1000 because I didn’t have those items she mentioned. She brought my brother out, I saw him, he was not wearing clothes, he was wearing just a pair of boxer.

“Then a police man came out and started scolding the police woman. He told the woman that she will get into trouble one day because of money, he asked the woman if she was the one who locked my brother up.

“The policeman forcefully pushed back my brother to the cell, collected the money from the woman, gave me back but I refused to take back the money.

“I asked him why he was returning the money since I’d seen the person I gave the money in respect of. The police man said he won’t release my brother, he threw the money at me, he said he would lock me up too if I talk more and asked me to go home.

”I picked the money and left. I called my eldest brother and narrated everything to him. My brother asked me to go that he would come the following day”.