German doctor kills lover by sprinkling cocaine on penis

German doctor kills lover by sprinkling contain on penis

A German doctor who killed his lover by sprinkling his penis with cocaine has spoken out for the first time to accuse her of being a knowing participant in the sex game.

Plastic surgeon Andreas Niederbichler, 45, was jailed for nine years in 2019 over the death of 38-year-old Yvonne M, after a court heard he drugged her using cocaine that he had secretly put on his genitals.

Niederbichler stayed silent during his trial but, faced with a new wrongful death lawsuit brought by Yvonne’s widow and son, he has decided to break his silence to deny being responsible for her death.

German media also published the first picture of Yvonne, having previously censored images of her during the trial.

‘I was looking for a special kick and they took part.’

Niederbichler also described Yvonne as an ‘experienced’ cocaine user, who knew what she was getting into.

Speaking about his trial, he said it was a ‘mistake’ to stay silent – a move he had taken on the advice of his lawyers – because it meant the judge only heard the women’s account of events.

Now, he says he wants to prove that he is not criminally guilty of causing Yvonne’s death, though it is unclear exactly how he plans to do this.

The court of appeal has already thrown out the case, and Niederbichler has not presented any new evidence that would force them to look at the case again.

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Meanwhile, there is a civil case ongoing against Niederbichler, as Yvonne’s husband and son sue him for wrongful death and funeral expenses.

The pair are seeking a total of £25,000 – £8,750 each as a ‘survivor’s benefit’ and a further £7,500 to cover funeral costs.

Niederbichler is refusing to pay the money, according to Bild.

Niederbichler (pictured centre during his trial) is attempting to prove he is not criminally responsible for Yvonne’s death but has already had his case thrown out on appeal.

Before being jailed, Niederbichler had worked as the top plastic surgeon at Ameos hospital in the city of Halberstadt, 60 miles outside Hanover.

The court heard that Yvonne had been a patient of his before the pair started an affair, which ultimately led to her death in February 2018.

Niederbichler also used the internet to meet other women for sex, judges were told during his trial.

Three other woman who had sex with the doctor reported feeling light-headed after meeting with him, while one was involved in two car crashes after a date.

Another reported passing out and suffering nervous twitches.

Niederbichler was ultimately found guilty of aggravated rape and bodily harm resulting in death and sentenced to nine years in jail.

He appealed the sentence but it was rejected. The civil case is ongoing.