Environment Day: Experts call for a holistic approach to end plastic waste in Nigeria


By Desmond Iwuchukwu

Stakeholders in the Environmental sector have called for a holistic approach to dealing with issues relating to plastic waste in Nigeria.
The Environmentalists during the 2023 World Environment Day urged citizens to take physical measures towards safeguarding the earth for a cleaner and improved environment.

An Environmental Rights Campaigner in the Niger Delta, Celestine Akpobari at an event in Port Harcourt said the protection of the environment is the responsibility of every Nigerian.

He said that Nigeria can generate revenue from the environment through tourism when the environment is adequately protected

The Environmental Rights Campaigner, Celestine Akpobari also called for the establishment of a recycling plant in Rivers State.

He said such an initiative will create employment for youths in the state.

Celestine Akpobari also cautioned residents against cutting down trees, especially in Ogoni land.

He said that tree planting will mitigate the effects of global warming.

AIFES calls for an End to Plastic Waste

In the meantime, a Non-Governmental Organization, the African Indigenous Foundation for Energy and Sustainable Development, AIFES, has called on Nigerians to be more sensitive and committed to stopping the damaging effects of plastic waste on the environment.

The Executive Director of AIFES Legborsi Pyagbara in a statement to mark the 2023 World Environment Day said the Group is worried by the fast and unabated destructive and indiscriminate activities of users of plastic materials on the ecosystem.

The statement further called on relevant agencies to use this year’s anniversary to advocate strict compliance with regulatory Provisions and laws for bagging of all domestic and industrial wastes.

Legborsi Pyagbara also advocates for the recycling of used plastic materials and a stop to the dumping of malleable items in the drains.

The Group further called on government agencies and private firms to provide receptacles to collect plastic waste in various communities in the country.

The Executive Director of AIFES Legborsi Pyagbara also makes a case for the establishment of Neighbourhood sanitation agents in all local government areas, to properly execute laws prohibiting indiscriminate dumping of waste without exception.
Experts Task Government to Build Plastic Recycling Plant

Furthermore, Experts in Rivers State have set agenda for the Rivers State Government on ways to tackle plastic waste in the state.

The Experts gave their opinion during an event organized by the Rivers State Ministry of Environment to commemorate World Environment Day yesterday

The immediate past Commissioner for Environment in Rivers State, Emenike Eke says Nigeria is not prepared to end to problems of plastic pollution in the country.

Emenike Eke at the event called for deliberate policies to put the citizenry in check over the dumping of plastic wastes.

He also tasked the government to site plastic re-circling plants in Nigeria.

The immediate past Commissioner for Environment in Rivers State, Emenike Eke further argued that the government is losing revenue, due to its inability to convert plastic wastes into other uses.

On her part, the guest speaker, who spoke on the theme: “Solutions To Plastic Pollution”, Professor OZIOMA EKPETE, revealed that Rivers State generates seventy million tonnes of sachet water waste annually.

She said that the Rivers State Government can convert such waste to wealth when they establish recycling plants in the state.