Youths as the biggest destroyers of tomorrow

Youths as the biggest destroyers of tomorrow

Azubuike Ihemeje

Let me loudly reiterate this fact; Youths are overrated. Our so-called leaders of tomorrow are now virtually our destroyers of, not yes today but tomorrow join together. Youths are the very albatross, hamstrung and nemesis to the liberation, development, progress, achievements and advancement of their fellow Youths in Africa and Nigeria in particular.

Now, ask yourself these pertinent questions: Who were the violent thugs that willingly volunteered, aided the Grandpa to perpetuate himself in office, and violently rigged Bobi Wine out? Na fellow Youths.

Who were those electoral field officers that highjacked and manipulated results in Uganda? Na still your Youths.

Who were the operational police officers in the field? Youths oooh. Did you see any 70year old there? For whereeeee!

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Who betrays Youths, na youths. Who’s always bitter and envious of your leaps? Na your fellow Youths. Who gossip wicked, malicious and dangerous lies against Youths? Who are the kidnappers, assassins, criminals, yahoo yahoo, Hoodlums, terrorists and armed robbers,
that has caused untold miseries, pains, tears and incalculable economic damage to fellow Youths in Nigeria? Are they old men? No na!
How about your cultism people around your neighbourhood? It’s still your youths.

While in university, I recalled countless times I had to intervene on behalf of fellow classmates who were being bullied, harassed and threatened by some nefarious cultism people. Some of those interventions varied from obtaining money under terror or fears of impending dangers, while many were as petty as seizing phones. But that’s not even the issue. The main tragedy of it all was that most of these criminalities were perpetrated by classmates against their own fellow classmates. That’s to say; youths against youths. Even in little things as Facebook posts, like, follow or share, is it not your fellow Youths who scornfully and disdainful avoid yours, perhaps they presume it’ll increase your life, therefore let them litter you to die. So, next time around someone else tell you; when’ll all these old people give space for the youths? Equally, ask him like my mom in her very epic mischief would often do; So what are you doing about it?