Why have Ogoni chairmen decided to fail?


Clinton Biragbara

There is an unrivaled level of mediocrity that seem to have become the mainstay of local government administration in Ogoni land; and I say this with every sense of responsibility.

The deafening silence of elders, religious and opinion leaders, the level of tolerance and helplessness of the led from the area further embolden the administrative mediocrity of these Chairmen who ordinarily should have no business with a Street Development Committee election. What could be the rationale explanation for being a Chairman of an LGA for circa 3 years with all the appurtenances of that office, but without a single project worthy of celebration for the governed. This is beyond shameful.

I have seen projects, worthy projects executed by chairmen of other LGAs, but in our own Ogoni kingdom, our chairmen seem to have unanimously agreed to fail the people they were elected to govern. Or maybe, they have the “data boys” pretending to be communicating in loudly inaudible tones.

The local government administration is the most important tier of government due to its direct bearing and connection with the people. Capacity, competence and vision must define those seeking to occupy the office as chairmen, and not other secondary considerations.

We must be deliberate and intentional as a people in making this choice, because we can not afford to make another mistake for the next 3 years. We have another opportunity to right the wrongs of yesterday and hopefully, we will get it right this time.

God bless Ogoni kingdom.
God bless Rivers State.
God bless Nigeria.