Reactions as the father of five abandon wife after having quadruplet in Edo state

Triplets, Benin

Florence Uwaeme

A certain Mr. Ndubisu has disappeared after the news of his wife’s delivery.

The estranged husband took to his heels and after the supposed good news of his wife’s delivery.

The incident which happened on the 2nd day of January 2021 at the general hospital Sakponda, Benin city has left people dazed in amazement as the man has refused to return from his sudden self-inflicted exile.

His wife, Mrs. Rita Ndubisu has been left at the hospital with the husband being nowhere to be found.

Many people have reacted to the story with different opinions.

Some people blamed the couple for trying to have more children after having five already. They blamed them for being careless and inconsiderate to themselves despite the harsh economy of the country.

Other commenters blamed the man for utter irresponsibility. They argued that the man shouldn’t have gotten his wife pregnant if he hadn’t the wherewithal to cater to more children.

Other commenters are ready to help the abandoned mother by clearing the hospital bill and getting some items for the quadruplet as they claim that children are a gift fr

om God.