Police, DSS failed to intervene while my house was being attacked – Maeba


Lee Meaba, a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chieftain in Rivers State, has claimed that thugs attacked his home in Port Harcourt on Thursday morning.

Maeba, the chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Presidential Campaign Council in Rivers State, said one was injured while several cars were destroyed during the attack at his residence located in the GRA axis of the state capital.

Addressing journalists at his residence, Maeba expressed regrets that despite his distress calls to the Commissioner of Police in the state, the Director of the Department of State Services (DSS) and the Inspector-General of Police, no help came.

He said: “I came to Port Harcourt to visit my family and attend some events. I got in here yesterday. This morning, there was some movement along this street and some neighbours called to my attention that they saw a lot of strange faces.

“I don’t have a criminal life; my compound was empty. I am humble, I don’t do thuggery. I don’t participate in thuggery and I don’t hire thugs. So, I said what would thugs be doing on the street and I dismissed it.

“Then, at about 9:00 am, I said let me go and see my mother-in-law. But, before then, a young man called me with a number that I don’t know and told me that I have done him a favour before, that I should be careful if I am at home. That they have instructions from some quarters to attack my house and attack me. But, I dismissed it because I don’t have a problem with anybody.

“Now, as I just drove out; I drove out with my security personnel to see my mother-in-law. As I just entered my mother-in-law’s house, my phone was ringing and my nephew picked up the phone and said my house was under attack.

“They shot at the gate and forced the gate open. They climbed the second gate and tied up the security man. They entered the compound and were shouting ‘where is he? Where is he? Only one bullet will solve this Atiku problem.’

“My elder brother was standing somewhere there and they descended on him. The next thing they started doing was to use their guns to destroy the cars.

“They got to the front door (main house), hit at the door but they couldn’t succeed. So, they started retreating. You can see the destruction.

“My worry is what is my offence that people will come to my compound. Atiku does not live here. I only work for Atiku, yes. I am an Atiku supporter. What has that got to do with attacking my house in a bid to kill me?
This is democracy; I am a Democrat.

“I called the Commissioner several times but he did not pick up my calls. I called the Director of DSS, I called the Inspector-General of Police and sent pictures of what has happened here to everybody. No one has responded.

“I only saw two gentlemen who came here and said the CP sent them to come and assess the situation. In a distressed situation, will you send only two men? That is the situation and that is what happened.”