Nnamdi Kanu’s family seeks explanation from South East governors on demands made during crucial meeting

Kanu sends strong warning to military, police commanders

Family of the detained leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has sought explanations from the South East governors on why they failed to table the demands by the detained leader when he met with South-East Governors and Ohanaeze Ndigbo Leaders in Enugu shortly before the September 2017 military raid of his Umuahia family house to the Federal Government.

The Spokesman of the family and Kanu’s younger brother, Prince Emmanuel Kanu, said that the family was not happy that their son was being portrayed as a secessionist in some quarters “whereas he means well for the entire Igbo race”.

According to him, after his brother was released from prison in 2017, the South-East Governors plus Ohanaeze Leaders met with him in Enugu about the reasons for Biafra agitation which he championed.

He said that the IPOB Leader made some demands at the meeting which the Federal Government was waiting to receive afterwards.

He expressed shock that instead of conveying the outcome of the meeting to the Federal Government, the Governors for reasons best known to them, reneged, ” and the next thing that followed was python dance”.

He said: ” Let them explain why they did not convey to the Federal Government the demands made by my brother. Or are they saying that his demands are not genuine?”

Revealing what demands Kanu made at the crucial meeting with Igbo leaders, Prince Emmanuel said that he made genuine demands “as a patriot who seeks the good of the people.

“One; he asked the Federal Government to make Enugu International airport a grade one airport so that our people in different parts of the world can easily fly in without having to stop over first in Lagos or Abuja.

”Secondly, he demanded that River Niger be dredged to reduce the heavy cost of importation which our people who dominate the sector painfully bear.

”He also demanded that Owerri airport which our people contributed money to build in the days of Sam Mbakwe be upgraded to a functional cargo airport. The federal government is using revenues generated from our oil to build airports and other infrastructures in other zones but our fathers levied themselves to build Owerri airport, yet the federal government has failed to upgrade and maintain the sweat of our fathers.

“My brother also demanded that the Port Harcourt, and Calabar seaports be made to operate in full capacity so that big ships can be berthing in them.

“He equally demanded the revival of all moribund industries in the South East and South-South to provide job opportunities for thousands of our youths graduating from higher institutions.

“He demanded functional rail lines in South-East and South-South regions; good primary health care and steady electricity supply.

“Are such demands not genuine? Why then did they not convey them to the Federal Government? If they did, what answers did they receive?

“Why would somebody resort to criminalising my brother as a secessionist while he has made genuine demands which our leaders shied away from?

“Could it be that those blackmailing him are doing so out of envy, maybe feeling that he was taking the shine out of them. But I want them to understand that people are created for different roles in destiny”.

Prince Emmanuel who said his brother committed no crime to warrant his rendition and continued detention, renewing the call for his unconditional release.

He added that Kanu’s agitation for the freedom of the oppressed people of Biafra was his guaranteed fundamental human rights “which are inalienable.”

Kanu’s brother further noted that “until there is a meaningful and genuine roundtable discussion, I don’t see this agitation fading away.”