Insecurity: Anambra community installs CCTVs in 18 villages


Enugwu-Ụkwụ community in the Njikọka local government area of Anambra State has Introduced closed circuit television (CCTV) surveillance as an additional security measure in the town.

A member of the Enugwu-Ụkwụ Security Council, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the CCTV surveillance system was Introduced over the 2022 Christmas season.

“We thank His Royal Majesty, Igwe Sir Ralph Obumnaemeh Ekpeh, Eze Enugwu-Ụkwụ na Igwe Ụmụnri, for the initiative and support given to the Committee. The CCTV surveillance system is among the most sophisticated you can find, and it offers the command team 24-hours surveillance accross all the entry and exit points into Enugwu-Ụkwụ. It is like a Big Brother operation, which also monitors activities in major locations and potential flashpoints in the town”.

“We are using this opportunity to caution Enugwu-Ụkwụ indigenes, visitors in our town, and mischief makers to avoid causing any mischief in Enugwu-Ukwu, because deviant activities will be seen surely, and captured on our CCTV system. Such persons will eventually be caught and handed to law enforcement agencies for prosecution”.

Continuing, he said, “We are also going into the second Phase of the project, which will cover round-the-clock surveillance of all the 18 villages in Enugwu-Ụkwụ.

“Surveillance of public places such as football fields and public schools. Surveillance of these public places is critical because we have observed from other communities that they have become the prefered locations for cult clashes and assassinations, as witnessed in the January 1st cult killings in Ezinifite Village, Okpuno- Awka, and January 2nd assassination of the PG of Obosi town.

“This Phase will also include coverage of polling units to improve election transparency”.