Edo State government calls for Oshiomhole’s arrest over riots


The Edo State government has accused the former governor of the state and ex-National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Adams Oshiomhole of instigating the protest in Benin City over the cashless policy of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), which led to the violence and destruction of property worth millions.

Commissioner for Orientation and Communication, Chris Nehikhare while speaking to journalists in Benin City to address the protests in some areas of the State, called on security agencies to invite and interrogate Oshiomhole for instigating the protests in a viral video circulated on social media.

According to him: “I call on security agencies to call Oshiomhole for questioning. He should be interrogated, arrested, and made to account for his movement in Benin City a few days ago. In a viral video on social media, he was heard deliberately instigating APC members to go on a rampage and intimidate people in Benin City, destroying government property, and bringing anarchy to the country because the government of his party is about to lose the forthcoming general election.

“The political party responsible for this policy is the same party that has sent their APC thugs to destroy the billboards of PDP candidates. PDP is not the government at the center. So, it’s clear that this is politically motivated. We are pointing fingers directly at Oshiomhole as he has given a command to his tigers to unleash mayhem and anarchy. He continues to go against the laws of the land because he wants to be part of the next government.

“The situation is bad; Edo people should be patient as CBN has assured the Edo State government that there is enough money to go round. CBN believes that they have made the necessary arrangements for naira exchange in the State.

“This is a systematic protest organized across the country by the APC; they targeted Edo, Delta, and Oyo States and these States are PDP States. It doesn’t make sense for PDP States to be attacking PDP infrastructure when the policy causing the problems is an APC policy.”

He added, “APC as a party sat down to cause mayhem, create anarchy across the country because they want a postponement of the election. Their candidate, Bola Tinubu spoke about postponing the election. This is the plan they are putting in place to achieve their aim because they know that they can’t win the elections.

“APC has started a new trend of attacking and intimidating an APC government. Our people should be patient and use their PVC to chase this government out of power.”

On his part, the Special Adviser to the Edo State Governor on Media Projects, Crusoe Osagie, added, “Edo people should be calm. Save your vengeance and visit it on them on Election Day by identifying the political party that caused the pain and voting them out. Enthrone the party that can bring