Why Abia Council election may not hold – ABSIEC chairman


The Chairmen of Abia State Independent Electoral Commission, ABSIEC, Prof Mkpa Agu Mkpa, has indicated that the Local Government Election scheduled for tomorrow, 19th May 2023 may not hold due to some challenges.

Prof. Mkpa, said the commission is yet to vacate prevailing orders from Arochukwu and Bende High Courts, which bared them from conducting the election.

“Incidentally, we have some encumbrances, hitches here and there. Our offices are under locks by NLC, and they went there to chase everyone out. There is no chance that the situation would improve by tomorrow when the election is supposed to be held.

“Furthermore, we are expecting that two court orders served us from Arochukwu and Bende baring us fron conducting the election would be vacated. ABSIEC, as a law-abiding commission, would not want to be charged for contempt of court. So, we are waiting for the court order to be vacated.

“We are also hoping that Labour would resolve their issues and allow our workers to return to their offices. As a result of the court injunction, parties have also not come out to purchase forms, and the time is fast moving. Am afraid it’s neither here nor there.”