Threat to voters: Police to invite Lagos traditional ruler for questioning


The police command in Lagos says a traditional ruler will be invited for questioning over recorded audio in which he appeared to threaten and intimidate residents of a community in the Eti-Osa area of the state.

“The traditional ruler, a baale, is to be invited for questioning. Intimidating voters will not be allowed,” its spokesman, Benjamin Hundeyin, said on Saturday.

Mr Hundeyin added, “Everyone should feel free to vote for the candidate of his or her choice.”

This followed recorded audio of a meeting held on Monday at the instance of the traditional ruler that went viral and has attracted the attention of security agencies and civil societies in Lagos State.

In the 11 minutes and 34 seconds audio, the traditional ruler and one other requested the residents and those doing business in the area to vote for a political party in the forthcoming elections.

The traditional ruler, in his voice, wanted to know how many persons at the meeting had their PVCs and only about 20 answered in the affirmative out of about 60 persons in attendance.

He wondered what happened to the rest who did not have PVCs.

“We are ready to fight; yes, I am not hiding it; I have narrated everything to you. In Nigeria, there is Lagos; in Lagos, there is Eti-Osa; within Eti-Osa, we have the Igbara community, and by the grace of God in Igbara today, we can make our decision.

“The people that will be friends with us, that will do business with us, are those with PVCs and are willing to vote for our party. Nothing short of that,” he said in the audio.

The traditional ruler further said if the people intended to vote for other political parties outside the one specified, he wouldn’t stop them from doing so, but that such will only happen “outside the Igbara community”.

“You want to vote for other political parties? Not here! Elections have been coming and going, we have never done this before.”

The traditional ruler was quoted as saying that a lot was at stake, warning that he would not allow the residents to jeopardise his future and his children’s future.

A second voice in the audio was telling the meeting that only those will vote for the chosen party would enjoy peace in the area.

The voice even requested them to vote and snap the ballot paper to confirm that they had conformed with the directive to support a particular party.