Those of us who advised Kanu against setting up ESN have been vindicated – Ex-IPOB deputy leader


Uche Mefor, a former deputy leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB says some of them who advised detained IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu against setting up Eastern Security Network have been vindicated.

Mefor, who has long left the group was reacting to Kanu’s denouncing of the violence and killings in the South East.

He said: “The hypocrisy is mind-boggling. You are finally making a u-turn and coming back to my position but the question is: at what cost? We who advised against these are vindicated ,you got it wrong, Kanu.

“The ESN you set up ( which goes with other pseudo names)is a standing army for you against your real and imagined enemies, not for the restoration of Biafra.

“We warned that there would be proliferation of arms in Biafraland and that you were going to turn Biafraland into a theatre of war, and finally that you were going to endanger the lives of even those we vowed to ptotect and liberate.You and your misguided followers called us saboteurs.

“Today who has sabotaged Biafra , me or you? They killed in your name and in the name of freedom and your lawyers did not have the decency to advise you to renounce these carnage and the spilling of the blood of your own brothers and sisters until I started calling them to order. Finally, they summoned up courage to persuade you to do so.

“Kanu, I want you to come and see the horror and terror you presided over desecrating the land with the blood of innocent, unarmed Igbo Biafran civilians.

“Biafra argument is insurmountable but would remain untenable when pursued with criminality and cannibalism and other forms of systematic human rights violations.

“Anything other than following the dictates of international (human rights) law is a mirage. The basic criteria for Biafra Restoration is fulfilling the requirements of statehood (The Montevideo criteria) before seeking recognition.

“Anything other than delivering a human rights compliant Biafra is criminality”!