Sponsored Acts of Treason Against Abia Shall Have Severe Consequences – LP


Press release

The Abia Labour Party and the Governor-Elect, Dr. Alex Otti, OFR, have uncovered yet another treasonable plot by agents of Abia State government on one hand, and a Chieftain of APC on the other, in connivance with some corrupt officials in INEC and the Judiciary to procure yet another tainted order from yet another court in the North purporting to have removed the Abia Governor-Elect, Dr. Alex Otti, OFR.

The felons behind these heinous acts would then proceed to collect a “Certificate of Return” from their allies in INEC to create confusion on May 29.

Certain individuals from Abia who are working assiduously in secrete with both the PDP/Abia state government and the APC Chieftain respectively, just recently boasted that Abia would have an Interim Government led by a Judge. Large amount of money in foreign currency stolen from Abia treasury has been set aside for this exercise.

While we make bold to tell these enablers of anarchy that their plot is already doomed, we must also warn that these actions which represent a fulfilment of the threats made by agents of Abia State government to make the state ungovernable over their defeat at the last elections, would have severe consequences should the perpetrators refuse to stop and give peace a chance.

It’s strange that the same elements who had since gone to the Tribunal to challenge the outcome of the election are no longer confident in following the route provided by the law, but have rather resorted to impunity that would disrupt the peace and security of our people and our state.

Finally, the Abia Governor-Elect, Dr. Alex Otti and his party, the Labour Party wish to reassure Abians once again, that the Divine Mandate unanimously given to him and his party by Abians remains Sacrosant, Safe and Secure, and that under no circumstance would these civilian coupists and criminal usurpers and interlopers be allowed to steal it.


Ferdinand Ekeoma
Special Adviser
(Media and Publicity) to the
Abia Governor-Elect

Njoku Jerry Ajike
State Publicity Secretary
Labour Party