Southern Nigeria – a shark pool of greedy and shameless elites

Southern Nigeria - a shark pool of greedy and shameless Southern elites

Yomi Lawal

It was 9ice that made a phrasal jest into music with “kò wa tán bí yègede yín!…” That part of his song should be on repeat for Pa Tinubu and his greedy cohort of plundering southern political elites. Whilst their counterparts in the north plundered Nigeria, these unthinking greedy old men plundered the future of the next Southern generations.

For morsels of a feast that was cooked from their own resources in the South, these old tools sold the future of younger Southerners to the enemies.

It is in the South that a 55yr old Sanwo-Olu is considered a youth. In the North, we can see as buhari, hell-rufai and the rest of the thieving squad are appointing 30s and 40yr olds into national political positions and federal civil service. The Bashir who can hardly string together a sensible tweet, the Pantanis, the Saibus who was a recharge card seller till 2015 and a host of subpar northerners who can’t successfully defend their academic credentials are all now fixed in DPR, EFCC, NPA, NCC as bigshots. They all control the resources from the south. Names we never heard are getting “big appointments” whilst the popular southern abobakus are getting ponmo and akara with cold “pure water.”

Meanwhile our daddy in bourdillon is busy claiming political sagacity by empowering thugs to win elections for his northern cronies who see him as a useful tool in suppressing the next generation of southerners that could stand up to the generation the north is propping up!

Who exactly in their 30s or 40s has been given regional political power in the South? Which one of them has been pushed into consequential national political positions by these foolish southern elders?

The Fayemis are busy thinking of themselves alone, the Ladajos still cross carpeting parties, the OGDs moving around like a confused fever. Supreme court governor is creating a garrison for killer fulani herdsmen, the one in Ogun state is missing in action.

In their shamelessness, these old southerners don’t seem to realize that they are now directly in confrontation with the young northerners who have been installed into political positions that would be used to destroy and seize everything and all they acquired in their blind journey of treachery against their own people. They will never prop up youngsters amongst their own people unless it is to give them weapons to attack their political opponents from the same south. For the ladies, they must browse their websites before doing anything for them. Awon oniranu, alanuronu. The northern elders, as irresponsible as they are, are standing as bulwark and taking fire for the younger generation they have pushed into leadership positions in Nigeria.

And these old Southerners, not done with this shamelessness, they squabble amongst themselves for supposed control of Southern politics. What politics? To what end?

The Zara Oyinyes, the Funmi Adewolas, the Ogundamisis and the various other sluggards and a sprinkle of eloquent idiots are what our southern daddies can point to as achievements. Idiots online, defenders of their own killers.

Our daddy in bourdillon, now that those who you sacrificed the lives of your kinsmen for are preparing to zone the never happening 2023 presidency to South-South, are you going to change your state of origin to Akwa-Ibom and your name to Tinubu Akpan or Bola Udeme?

Elders that are fooled by promises of food, are those elders or a present danger to younger generations? Elders that hid indomie and garri in warehouses as their people suffered hunger, are those elders or agbayas.

Greed is a deadly sin, RIP to Bola Udeme 2023 wet dream, may your stay in prison produce a book. Amen. …abi who you epp?