South East governors plan regional security patrol


The five Governors of the South-East region have decried the rising insecurity in the region.

The governors also said that they are planning a joint highway patrol as part of moves to combat the trend.

This was part of their resolution after a meeting in Enugu State on Sunday.

“South-East Governors decried the state of insecurity in the region. Our economic activities have come to a halt while kidnapping and wanton killing have become the order of the day,” the governors said in a communique.

“South-East Governors call on the Federal Government to come to our aid in providing security in the Zone bearing in mind that elections are around the corner.”

“Meanwhile, South-East Governors have agreed to set up a 24-hour Joint Patrol on all major highways within the South-east, especially during the Christmas season.”

The governors also distanced themselves from the Eastern Security Network (ESN), reiterating that they only “jointly formed Ebubeagu and Forest Guards, not ESN. So, it is not correct for any person to allude to the fact that South East Governors created ESN”.