Soldiers, Ebubeagu burn down ancestral market in Imo


A combined team of Nigerian soldiers and Ebubeagu operatives on Saturday invaded Orsu-Ihiteukwa, a community in Orsu Local Government Area (LGA) of Imo State burning down the market and other houses.

Eyewitnesses said the soldiers and Ebubeagu were allegedly looking for unknown gunmen.

Ifeanyi Ejiofor, lawyer of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB described the attack as heart-rending, especially at this period of economic downturn.

“The only available daily market in the community, where the downtrodden go to for communal trade, in search of their daily bread was completely razed to the ground, and homes burnt by these evil monsters acting on behalf of the state Government.

“Indigenes of the community were thrown into this unexpected horror, and out of fear, they have fled from their very own ancestral homes. Right now, Orsu-Ihiteukwa is a ghost town.

“We are asking the Governor of Imo state – could there be any justification, whatsoever, under any known law in Nigeria, as well as the international jurisprudence, that sanctioned this oppressive, barbaric, wicked, soulless and evil destruction of the lives and properties of his own people that he swore to protect?

“Was it an engagement strategy, envisaged, permitted and consequently, sanctioned within the Operational Rules of Engagement of the Nigerian Security Agents? The answer is capital NO.

“Furthermore, if the overzealous Security Agents are in hot chase of targeted criminal elements, can’t they profile and define their targets?
Can this oppressive conduct occur in any other region or part of Nigeria?

“Remember, Governor Hope Uzodinma that power is transient, it does not last forever! You must not also forget that you will definitely give account of your stewardship someday and one day, very certainly, before the International Criminal Court of Justice.

“These monumental atrocities, genocidal killing of innocent lives, destruction of properties, and obvious crimes against humanity, brazenly perpetrated and superintended under Governor Hope Uzodinma’s watch with reckless abandon/impunity is extremely cruel and the evidences abound.

“Again, we continue to call on responsible Foreign Governments and Foreign Institutions to prevail on the Nigerian Government, under whose domain these crimes against humanity are being perpetrated on a daily basis, to call their lawless Security Agents to order.

“The actions of the Nigerian Security Agents in conjunction with the Governor’s Ebubeagu Security outfit is not only barbaric and wicked, but totally condemnable.

“We therefore call for the immediate arrest and prosecution of all those involved in this inhuman, wicked, and barbaric acts.

“Enough is enough! We urge the Governor of Imo State to retrace his steps and embrace peace, for the over-all wellbeing of his State and people. The incessant blood of the innocent being spilled in the State cry to the God of Justice for vengeance” .