Peter Obi flags off campaign in Jos, promises governance based on 4Cs


Labour Party’s presidential candidate, Mr Peter Obi and running-mate, Yusuf Datti-Ahmed have flagged off their campaign in the Jos, the Plateau State capital.

The symbolic campaign rally was organised by the Middle Belt Forum, a socio-political organisation of the Middle Belt indigenes.

Speaking at the rally, the former Anambra State Governor said Nigerians must rise up to prevent their county from being captured by selfish politicians.

According to him, the Obi-Datti administration represents hope and promise for productive Nigeria and a transformative leadership that is imbued with competence, capacity, credibility and commitment.

He said: “My fellow Nigerians and OBIdients, I join you today as we mark the formal start of the 2023 campaign season. We must all reflect on the journey we are embarking upon. We seek a new nation, but to arrive there, we need prayers and courage.

“As we head into her next presidential elections in 2023; we aim to canvass for electoral legitimacy, as means to governance legitimacy. So we must do three things urgently. We must pray for peaceful and successful elections; for the turnaround of our country and for the security of the members of the OBIdient Family and every participant including the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC throughout the duration of the exercise.

“We must summon up courage to stand up for what is right; to make the much needed sacrifices and ultimately, to rescue our country from those who have perfected State Capture.

“We must recommit ourselves to an issues-based campaign. Let us pray for a peaceful and issue-based campaign that will eventually lead to God’s desire for a president that will be best suitable for our great country moving forward.

“The Obi-Datti administration represents, the HOPE, AND PROMISE for a united, secure and productive Nigeria and a transformative leadership that is imbued with competence, capacity, credibility and commitment. These 4Cs,are leadership competencies required to turn Nigeria around.As a President elected by all Nigerians, Plateau state will not only host several potato chips processing companies, which will create jobs for the teeming unemployed youths, but other parts of the North will be dotted with several agro-processing industries.

“I promise Nigeria’s equal opportunities in all sectors, improved power generation, practical war against insecurity and other forms of criminality, access to education and an end to endless unfulfilled promises.

“Our administration will ensure that Nigerians are fully protected in their homesteads: and that their lives, properties and means of livelihood will always be secured. That, after all, is the Primary Responsibility of government.

“We have no other country but Nigeria and we must learn to respect each other, tolerate and do things accordingly in order to create an atmosphere that will usher in unity, progress and the greatness we were destined for from inception.

“God Almighty has blessed Nigeria. It is our job to make this country flourish once again, to regain her pride and to be a nation, where no one is oppressed. Thank you all. God bless you and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria”.