Peter Obi ahead of other candidates – Kenneth Okonkwo

Peter Obi: Nigeria is crumbling under Buhari

Mr Kenneth Okonkwo, the spokesperson for the Labour Party (LP) presidential campaign organization, says the party’s candidate, Peter Obi, will emerge winner of the February poll.

Speaking on Thursday on Channels Television, Politics Today, he the former Anambra Governor is ahead of other candidates battling for the top job.

He said, “He has already won; check the analysis as I have always told you; take it by polls; there are three polls that have come out, ANAP, We-Together, and Bloomberg; in the first one, he scored 23; in the second one 53 and in the third one, he scored 75.”

“Soon and very soon, before the election reaches the point when the two candidates will unravel, and I am sure they are already unravelling, then it will now be Peter Obi and others.

“Because then collectively at the polling poll, the candidates will not have up to five percent, and whenever they don’t get up to five percent, they will be classified as others.”