Pastor kidnaps, beats up journalist in Port Harcourt


The Management and staff of Rivers State Television have expressed shock over the Gestapo style kidnap of one of their operations directors Mr. Glorious Abel.

Mr Abel was abducted on Wednesday 5th October 2022 at his duty post around 10:00pm by the General Overseer of Dynamic Flame of Fire and Miracle Ministries, Pastor Miracle a.k.a Last Bus Stop for not airing his church program.

According to the security men on duty, Pastor Miracle arrived at RSTV Complex with armed policemen claiming they had reports of an intruder in the station’s premises and would love to help fish him out.

Unknown to the security men, the pastor had other motives. They opened the gate and he drove straight to the main office complex where Mr. Glorious Abel was working.

Glorious Abel said he had secured the metal gate at the front office while he worked in the control room. Hearing a racket outside, he came out to see who it was and met a strange face peering into the office through the metal gate, asking him to come out to speak with the pastor.

He said he told the man he had closed for the day and went back to the control room despite the man’s insistence.

“Moments later, the man returned with the same mission, and again I turned him down.

“About half an hour before this drama, I had received a call from the same general overseer of Dynamic Flame of Fire and Miracle Ministries asking me if I were on night duty and I answered in the affirmative.

“There was another racket at the front office. Someone was shaking the gate to its roots and appeared bent on yanking it off the hinges. I was alarmed and went out to see who it was.

“Surprisingly it was an RSTV security man. Upon inquiries, the man said he was instructed by the acting general manager to pick up an item he left in the reception.

“I asked what it was so I could pick it up and pass it over to him through the openings in the gate but the security man would not hear of it.

“He insisted that he would take it himself arguing that he was specifically instructed to pick and keep the item for the acting GM, refusing to say what the item was and its exact location.

“Seeing that I wasn’t buying his explanation, the security man changed the narrative and said the item was in the acting general manager’s office upstairs and that the acting general manager was at the car park waiting for him to deliver it”.

Abel explained further that at this point, he gave in and without suspecting any foul play, opened the gate for his colleague to come in unaware that the security man had gone rogue and was now working with Pastor Miracle.

“Immediately I opened the gate, the security man signaled Pastor Miracle’s men who were lying in wait to pounce on me. That was just the beginning of my ordeal. The men in black hit me with the butt of their guns, almost blinding my right eye, and took me6 away at gunpoint”.

Abel noted that the gunmen who wore police uniforms and carried AK47 rifles forced him into their tinted window van and attempted to asphyxiate him as they sped off.

He said that when they got to an unknown destination, they dragged him into a house where they tied his hands and legs and flogged him mercilessly with a belt and a cane. He added that all this while, Pastor Miracle was around calling the shots.

“When they were done with the torture, Pastor Miracle pulled some money out of his jacket and forced it into My pocket pocket, threatening me to shut up, and go treat himself.

“A couple hours later, he ordered his men to drive him back to Elelenwo and dump me opposite the RSTV gate to lick my wounds”.