Obi to Gombe residents: Don’t vote on sentiments


The presidential candidate of Labour Party (LP), Peter Obi, has urged his supporters and potential voters in Gombe State to resist the temptation of voting based on sentiments in the 2023 polls.

Mr Obi, who stated this while addressing women supporters in Gombe on Wednesday, said that voting based on sentiments had not benefited citizens in the country.

He said that voting a person because of his region or religion as against capacity would not improve the wellbeing of the people.

He urged Nigerian women to vote for people who could do the job.

According to him, no Nigerian will fare better for voting leaders because he or she shares the same religion or region as they do.

“Don’t vote for anybody because he is from the North, if they tell you they are from the North, tell them you are hungry, your children are hungry and have no jobs.

“You have been voting for the North. What did you get from voting the North? Do you buy bread cheaper because you are from the North?

“Let nobody tell you about religion, whoever does that, ask him to show you where Muslims or Christians buy bread cheaper.

“Do Christians or Muslims buy bread cheaper because of their religion?” he asked.

Mr Obi said that anyone campaigning based on religion or ethnicity was only deceiving Nigerians and such persons would not deliver good governance that would benefit Nigerians.

On those saying Mr Obi does not have the structure to win election, he said structure was part of the reasons Nigerians had remained poor and lacked the desired change.

“That is why we are here to build a new Nigeria, where you all will be proud of; a Nigeria where children are in school,” he said.

He also appealed to Nigerian voters to turn out en masse to vote leaders with integrity and competence while warning them against those that felt it was their turn to rule.

“Some will tell you it is their turn. It is nobody’s turn; it is your turn as Nigerians to take back your country,” he said.

Speaking at the Pantami Township stadium during the inauguration of the LP presidential campaign in the state, Yusuf Datti, LP’s vice presidential candidate, described Mr Obi as a man with the needed character to bring a new Nigeria.

Mr Baba-Ahmed said: “I am assuring you that Obi will not disappoint if he is elected president. He is tested and trusted.

“He has integrity and whatever he says he will do and that is why I am with him.”

He said: “Obi will not steal the money that belongs to the poor, he is here to rescue Nigeria from its challenges, so trust us with your votes and we will deliver good governance to you.”