Obi-Datti unveil manifesto, promise zero-based national budget


The Peter Obi and Yusuf Datti-Ahmed presidential ticket have unveiled their much-awaited manifesto tagged “Our Pact With Nigeria”.

The manifesto says that the government will be led by purposeful and inclusive leadership for national rebirth based on seven governance priorities.

Accordingly, the manifesto listed the priorities to include; securing Nigeria and ending banditry and insurgency, uniting the country to manage its diversity; production-centred growth for export; restructuring the polity through effective legal and institutional reforms; leapfrogging Nigeria from an oil-dependent economy to fourth industrial revolution; expanding physical infrastructure with a focus on power, transportation, and gas; youth engagement and human capital development; and robust foreign policy to restore Nigeria’s relevance.

On security, it said the Obi-Datti administration will activate all necessary regional corporations to secure the borders, embark on boosting the personnel of the armed forces, equipping and training them to adequately respond to security threats.

The manifesto also promised a national budget with a zero-based starting point. This would help people get over the ideas and realities of past budgets that didn’t work and use mechanized agriculture to grow crops on large arable lands.

It equally promised legal and institutional reforms to fight corruption and enthrone rule of law.