Nigerian arrested over attempted assassination of Guyanian President


A man of Nigerian origin has been arrested for allegedly trying to assassinate Guyanian President.

The man identified as Bethel Ikenna Chinezie reportedly showed up at State House on Thursday morning demanding to see the President and then stabbed a Presidential Guard.

He also opened fire after snatching the gun of another officer.

He is said to possess a Nigerian passport and last worked as a cleaner.

Senior Police sources confirmed that Chinezie last worked at a Georgetown cleaning business.

His employer has told Police that Chinezie did not appear to have any mental health issues, according to

The owner of the company declined to comment when contacted by the News Room, only saying an investigation is underway.

Chinezie showed up at State House – the official residence of President Irfaan Ali and his family – and confronted the Presidential guard in a hut stating: “I want the President.”

The Presidential guard, identified as Telon Perreira, was stabbed five times by the man who was armed with a knife.

The attacker then proceeded to disarm a female rank of her gun, walked out of the guard hut, and started firing outside of the compound on Carmichael Street.

The security detail returned fire, injuring Chinezie.

He is currently at the Georgetown hospital under Police guard.