LP’s PCC rejects Tinubu’s call for collaboration


The Labour Party’s Presidential Campaign Council (PCC) Chief Spokesperson, Yinusa Tanko, has faulted the call for collab­oration by Bola Tinubu.

Speaking during an interview on Arise TV on Tuesday, Tanko said that it was wrong for Tinubu to call for collaboration and patriotism when many Nigerians are still hurting.

The LP chieftain, who lamented the trust deficit in leadership, said that the legiti­macy of Tinubu’s presidency is being challenged in court and that the judiciary should com­plete the election process before people talk about support for Tinubu’s government.

He said, “The process that brought him to power is a very flawed one that is hurting a lot of people and they’re not ready to calm down.

“I’ve the wrist band of my presidential campaign. It’s still in my hand and a lot of people still have theirs. In that regard, you don’t expect them to sit back again when instead of looking for a situation to heal the wounds some people are inflicting more pains on people.

“How can you talk of pa­triotism? We’ve seen that some of these leaders who have found themselves in po­sitions of power have taken this country for granted for too long.

He added, “We’ve seen peo­ple having bullion vans in their homes. Even Dangote who is a business man didn’t do that and then we have the same people telling us that there are certain people, different from them who have put us in this partic­ular state and they’re asking for patriotism, no.