Lawyer to petition EFCC, Police over defrauding of investors by Chinmark, brand influencers

Chinmark investment scheme,finafrica crashes

A Port Harcourt-based lawyer, Azubuike Ihemeje says he will petition the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC and the Nigerian Police over the defrauding of thousands of investors by Marksman Chinedu Ijomah, the founder of Chinmark group and all the ambassadors who helped him convince thousands to invest in the scheme.

He said that the petition and subsequent legal services will be pro bono and at no financial cost to the victims of the Chinmark investment fraud but added that they should be ready to provide details and the details of influencers or staff of Chinmark that aided to defraud them.

Additionally, he said that they should also be willing to provide relevant information about them, their location, addresses, phone numbers and other details.

Invetsors who lost over ten billion in the scheme had called for the arrest of Mr Ijomah and his global brand ambassador, Amanda Chisom for their role in defrauding them of their money.

However, Mr Ijomah said that the Security and Exchange Commission, SEC, the government’s main investment regulation agency has frozen its accounts, adding that their money is safe.

But sources said the firm has less than one million in its accounts and can’t pay investors.

Mr Azubuike in a Facebook post entitled “Some glimmers of hope”, said that “after some rigorous but fruitful meetings with the leadership of both Nigerian Police and EFCC here in FCT Abuja, we’ve secured their double commitments for collaboration, as always, but in particular, to assist the victims of this quite notorious Chinmark scam.

“Ladies and gentlemen, indly take special notice; you do not need to pay or contribute any money whatsoever for this exercise. It’s wholly all expenses free and fully funded by yours truly, myself; that very one that’s most hated by Ponzi people, their affiliates, ambassadors and even their hidden hatchet job men, and those who want to distract you with SAN they’re hustling to be acquainted with from Facebook adverts.

“First, this is opened to all categories of victims who are genuinely interested and determined to press charge to the last limit. If you have decided or are likely to later leave it for God then this option is clearly not for you please. Maintain your Christianity well well!

“If you’re still limping around with different opinions that Ambassadors, Staff or influencers of Chinmark scam are not part or parties to the crime, please, by all means, stay away from this! You have absolutely no business here. And if you are not willing and prepared to come forward to relevant security police or EFCC stations to adopt your Petitions and volunteer statements, abeg, shift! Don’t bother yourself to join. For if you try it, I’ll definitely disgrace your own grace here. Please, wants to be required are serious-minded people, determined to fight their courses, and are prepared to defend their cases anyway.

“You don’t need to pay for any legal service, professional fees and all of that. I’ve already taken care of those things. However, you must do more than just submit your details and the details of the influencers or staff of Chinmark that aided to defraud you. You must in addition be willing to provide relevant information about them, their location, addresses, phone numbers and other details. Even if the person is overseas, our mutual diplomatic reciprocity will track them down for reparations.

“Henceforth, kindly channel all those relevant information to this lawyer, Clinton Biragbara for immediate action. WhatsApp him ONLY 0909 478 2036. Inbox him only the following:
1)You the victim’s details.
2) Chinmark and your own particular Influencer or staff complete details.
3) Accompanied with your own very brief request for legal assistance, in respect to the fraud against you, by Chinmark.

“It’s pro-Bono something ooh! Before you people will come out tomorrow to say, you’ve been Re-Chinmarked again”.