Imo Rep Member, Henry Nwawuba pulls out of PDP primary, may dump party


Henry Nwawuba, the member representing Mbaitoli-Ikeduru Federal Constituency has pulled out of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP Primaries.

Nwawuba said that it is regrettable that the great Party, as presently operated, has become a direct opposite of the ideals and principles that made it an attractive brand, and the platform of choice for the people of Mbaitoli/Ikeduru Federal Constituency, Imo State and the entire Country, Nigeria .

“As a Party that was well placed and primed to consolidate its grassroot hold in Imo State and ready to take over the reigns of power in Nigeria, it is disheartening to note that the PDP, through the devious machinations of a few individuals championed by ONE man, has pressed the self-destruct button and eroded all the potentials to make a resounding statement in the 2023 elections.

“The purported conduct of the House of Representatives Primary Election in Mbaitoli/Ikeduru Federal Constituency leaves so much to be desired for a Party that prides itself with the name, *“Peoples Democratic Party.”* The exercise was nothing but a mockery, a brazen display of the dark arts of vexatious and vindictive politics and an infantile manifestation of incubated vendetta.

“In the charade, the 3-man ad hoc delegate list that was to form the Electoral College in the entire constituency was undemocratically hijacked by an individual contrary to the Party’s Guidelines which specifically grants such powers to Party members in the Constituency. A subsisting report from the Independent National Electoral Commission ( INEC) proves that the Ward Congress to produce the delegates never held. The National Secretary, *Senator Samuel Anyanwu,* simply assumed the role of the entire electorate and produced his list which he kept close to his chest, contrary to the Guidelines, which provides that such a list must be published *seven days* to the Primary Election .

“For the fear that even his doctored list of delegates may be persuaded by their conscience to vote as otherwise directed, all “delegates“ were sequestered in an unknown location and contestants were denied access to them as their phones were confiscated from them.

“It is very obvious therefore that any outcome from such a manipulated process can only be predetermined to suit the overbloated ego of its puppeteer. It is therefore an illegitimate process whose conduct should never be validated by my continued participation in it.

“I regrettably wish to inform the good members of the PDP in Mbaitoli/Ikeduru Federal Constituency that I, *Rt Hon Henry Nwawuba,* has withdrawn from this illegal process in protest against the skewed process which was designed _ab initio_ to prevent me from consolidating on the visible gains I have attracted to the Constituency in the last seven years. We shall continue to explore all legitimate means to reverse this travesty of justice and ensure that the will of the people prevails.

“I remain resolute in projecting the interests of Mbaike and urge the good people of the Constituency not to despair, but remain hopeful that this ill wind shall blow away.

“We have laboured against heavy odds to make our Constituency the envy of others in Imo State and the entire country. These giant strides should not be undone by the vengeful conduct of an individual who remains disconnected from the people. This ugly charade MUST not be allowed to stand”.