If they suspend me from PDP, Peter Obi will be seeing me everyday – Wike

Port-Harcourt - Maiduguri railway not what Rivers State needs, Bonny seaport is a paper project - Wike

Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike has said if he is suspended from the Peoples Democratic as some people are insinuating, the Presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Mr Peter Obi, will be seeing him every day.

Wike said he knew why Obi left the party, adding that he would not blame him for leaving the party.

He said: “Your Excellency, I know why you left PDP, and I don’t blame you, because, I know the humiliation you suffered in the party. I must admit you are a very humble man, and a man of integrity.

“I enjoyed you when I came to your house in Anambra. When people see you they will think you don’t like good things. You like good thinge.

“Peter Obi, Anytime you want to campaign in this state, let me know, all the logistics support you need, I will give you”

“You are free to campaign everywhere in Rivers state. I will give you all the support and logistics you need for your campaign.”

“As a former Governor, we will provide vehicles and support for your rally but please know that none of your party members will win anything in Rivers…not even one”

“Don’t mind those people in your state that are fighting you. They’re just jealous of you. I understand that kind of pepper eye, they’re also fighting me here. It is their turn now, let them perform.”

“If you be professor, professor well….”

During the commissioning of the Nkpolu-Oruworukwu Flyover in Port Harcourt, Wike said that, unlike Obi, he would not leave the party but would stay to fight the people he described as armed robbers in the party.

He added that if they suspended him, he does not have anything to lose as he was no longer looking for a job.

He said that the people in the PDP calling for unity to unseat the ruling party worked to put the party in opposition in 2015, saying that they could no longer deceive anyone.

According to him, “Some people are challenging Buhari today for appointing all service chiefs from the North, why didn’t he challenge Buhari since? Now election has come they want us to think they’re on our side…Who is fooling who?”

On his part, Mr Obi praised Wike for delivering quality projects in the state. He urged Rivers electorates to vote for him as he is one of them.

Obi said that he and his running mate, Datti-Ahmed, are prepared to rescue Nigeria, adding that, unlike some candidates, their age, schools they attended, school mates and what they do are in the public domain.

He said: “Peter Odili was my senior at CKC, we played football together. If Odili is not able to play, just know we have lost that day. Everyone knows where I schooled and my schoolmates. Not some people that no one knows their schoolmates or the schools the attended”