I’d vote Muslim-Muslim ticket if it ill stop a Fulani from taking over from another Fulani – Rivers PDP chair


Desmond Akawor, the chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in Rivers State has said that the Presidential candidate of the party, Atiku Abubakar cannot solve the security problems of the country if he wins.

He said that Nigeria’s problems is mainly the issue of movement of Fulanis into Nigeria, saying that the former vice-president cannot deal with the problem because he is Fulani man.

He disclosed this during an interview with Sun Newspapers.

“Atiku cannot solve the problem of insecurity. I’m from Oyigbo, Rivers State. Our people are more of cassava producers and you expect me to tell my people not to farm or produce cassava because of the fear of getting attacked by Fulani herdsmen in their farms?

“A Fulani cannot stop Miyetti Allah. It is a natural thing for them. So, if another Fulani man comes on board, he will not stop Miyetti Allah from operating their cow business. That is what is going on in the country today and that is why the president cannot speak against them or act against them”.

On Muslim/Muslim presidential ticket, Akawor said that Nigeria needs to be careful as a country, likening Muslim-Muslim ticket to Fulani-Fulani ticket.

He said: “We need to be very careful as a country on the issue of Muslim/Muslim ticket and Fulani/Fulani ticket.

“We all knew how we celebrated Mohammadu Buhari when he was a military head of state with Tunde Ideagbon. It was the same thing during the 1993 elections when Abiola emerged with another Muslim; none of us was interested in Muslim/ Muslim ticket.

“We struggled for Abiola, so this time around, let us not be confused. The issue is that lets look at the competency of the candidates in question. Are we concerned about Muslim/Muslim or are we concerned about Fulani/Fulani? The crisis we have in West Africa, is it a Muslim/Muslim issue or a Fulani/Fulani Jihad?

“What is happening to us in Nigeria, in Benue, in Zamfara, in Sokoto, is it the Muslims that are being saved or some Fulani movement that is eliminating our people? We need to be careful in taking decisions, we have choices in our hands.

“So, for me, one thing we must stop is the Fulani/Fulani movement. If at the end of the day the option/alternative becomes a Muslim/Muslim agenda, in order to stop another Fulani president from succeeding a former Fulani president, I will support the agenda as Desmond Akawor.

“So, it’s good to get this picture right, people talk about Muslim/Muslim ticket, nobody talks about the continuation of a Fulani man taking over from a Fulani president.

“So, you look at what is going on at the West African coast right from Upper volta down, there is a movement that feels that Nigeria is where they should settle. Something happened in Turkey before it happened close to Nigeria. Again, I implore us to be careful. In fact, when people say Tinubu’s wife Remi is a pastor in Redeemed and they live in the same room, those are not the issues. The question is who is Tinubu as a person? Is he somebody that will change the misfortunes of the country? That is my concern”.