His wife will be in charge if he wins – Muhammad fires Tinubu


A former senator representing Kano central, Naj’atu Muhammad, says the wife of Bola Tinubu will be in charge of Nigeria if the latter is elected president.

Speaking on Wednesday during a programme on African Independent Television (AIT), the former senator who recently announced her resignation from the All Progressives Congress (APC) said: “In this case, you know that those hangers-on are only pushing him knowing that he cannot do it and they will be the beneficiaries. He is just there like an idol,” Muhammad said.

“His wife will be doing the ruling. She will rule over the country and the other hangers-on; they even despise Asiwaju in my opinion, because you cannot put someone who is mentally ill in a position of leadership.

“What sort of people are we? This thing can come back and consume every one of us.”

On why she decided to support Atiku Abubakar, the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), she said: “I looked at the options in the APC. They go to rallies, and Asiwaju cannot even decipher. When I was speaking with him, I sat with him for two hours and most of the time, he was sleeping,” she said.

“You ask him questions on this and he is talking completely differently from the topic you are discussing. So, how on earth, is wrong with Nigerians? What do you gain personally by sacrificing over 200 million people?

She also said the APC presidential candidate told her he had no blueprint or agenda for the country.

“He told me that he doesn’t have anything for us. I said, ‘you mean sir, you don’t have a blueprint?’ He said ‘I can’t have a blueprint because if I do, I will be stepping on too many toes and they might even kill me’. That was what he said,” she said.

“So, I decided. I said the choice now for me is between Asiwaju and Atiku because both of them have structures in their parties. Then I looked for Atiku.

“I sat down with him and said ‘what is your blueprint on security and agriculture?’ They gave me a whole booklet, and it took me days to go through it.

“So, somebody I sat with said, ‘look, Najaatu, you are trying to choose between the devil and the deep sea’, and I said yes, I will rather go with the deep sea.”

While commenting on her exit from the APC, the former senator said it is silly to say her resignation from the party was a result of incompetence.

“I had to liberate myself from the shackles of the rope. That is why I took the positions that I took,” she said.

“It is so cheap and silly when they talk about how I was expelled for incompetence.” At what point? And the party does not belong to Asiwaju. The party is headed by Abdullahi Adamu. He is the one to expel me from the party.”