Herdsmen attack farmer with machete in Ebonyi

Herdsmen killed in Ebonyi

Okeke Nkemjika, a farmer has been attacked by herdsmen on a farm in the Amaeze community in Ivo local government area of Ebony, it was gathered.

Nkemjika, an indigene of the Lokpa community in Abịa State was attacked on Sunday at a palm plantation in the community where he was working as the plantation keeper.

Egwu Chibueze, an indigene of the community said in a post on social media that the herdsmen had been terrorising the community for some time now, adding that on that faithful day, the herdsmen, numbering about five, had been spotted in the night around a quarry site located in the community.

According to him, “In the early hours of today, I got a call from the security officer at Yitter Quarry located at the former Setraco site at Umbro Ajanyim.

“He was complaining that he noticed the movement of 5 herdsmen with riffles and matchets along the farm area as he came out in the night to go round the company.”

Egwu said he mobilised the youths and Police to go in search of the herdsmen.

He said that as they were heading towards the factory, they saw two boys coming back from the farm with palm nuts on their heads who told them they just spotted the herdsmen entering the community.

The source said when they moved towards the location where they were last seen, the herdsmen started running while firing in the air intermittently to scare the villagers away.

He said the herdsmen ran into Nkemjika at a palm plantation and attacked him with their matchets.

“When we got there we saw that the herdsmen had attacked two men who came to carry palm nuts from the farm and they butchered one Mr Okeke Nkemjika the farm settlement keeper from Lokpa.

“Seeing what they have done to that man we divided ourselves into two. I joined some policemen with one of their vans in moving to a hospital at Awgu (a neighbouring town in Enugu State) so that we can save the life of the man,” he said.

Egwu noted that the victim, who received deep matchet cut wounds on his back and arm, is receiving treatment in the hospital.

Chairman of the Council, Onyebuchi Ogbadu confirmed the attack.

He however said there was nothing before him to prove that the attackers are herdsmen as none of them was arrested.

“Yes, the incident happened. The man is in hospital receiving treatment and we pray he survives. However, there is no concrete proof that the attackers are herdsmen until an investigation is concluded,” he said.