Four villages submerged by flood in Anambra East


Four out of ten villages that make up Igbariam, Anambra East Council Area have been submerged by flood.

Igbariam, an agrarian community, alongside other riverine areas of the state, every year experience flooding when either of Omabala or Ezu Rivers, tributaries of the river Niger over flow their banks.

Many houses in Anekwem,Ogugu-Etiti, Ubaru, Obidi and foculary/Catholic zone are under water.

Some houses are already covered completely by flood while in some, the flood have got to the lintel.

Amanasa Primary School and some part of Saint Anthony’s Catholic Parish, Igbariam were also totally submerged.

ABS reports that residents are evacuating their buildings amidst tears and lamentations. They bemoaned the destruction of farm lands, livestock and other sources of income and livelihood. The villagers also lamented the speed at which the flood is moving, saying that it is very hazardous as it is killing aquatic plants.

Speaking to newsmen after assessing the flood, the President General, Igbariam Progress Union, Dr Chris Ofokansi frowned at the devastation of the flood and clamoured for the dredging of River Niger so that when dams are opened to release excess water, major rivers in the country can still contain the water.

Dr Ofokansi promised that IPU will do all within their reach to shelter them but called on federal and state governments to come to their aid as they are being exposed to health hazards and many other difficulties.

One of the flood displaced persons, Mr Jerry Ejike whose house and property were submerged, said they woke up to behold the menace which he described as the worst flooding for decades.

Mr Ejike called for a rescue mission of all spirited individuals and governments at all levels to reach out to them as they are facing hunger and hardship.