FIDA warns parents against denying children their rights

Groups seek for speedy implementation of VAPP Act

Parents, guardians and caregivers have been warned against denying any child his or her right to live, right to education, communication and freedom of expression, as every child, whether disabled or has ability has equal rights and opportunities under the Child Right Law.

Chairperson International Federation of Women Lawyers FIDA Rivers, Adata Bio-Briggs, who stated this during a sensitization campaign at Rumumasi market, Port Harcourt, said child discrimination, child labour, child abandonment, abuse, amongst others have become alarming in the state.

According to her, so many parents and caregivers are seen on daily basis indulging in these offences, noting that the law will not spare anyone caught in the act, as a such person must be sentenced to jail.

“Under the constitution, no child should be discriminated against, whether a child is disabled or fully able. We have our child’s rights Law and Disability Law which provides all these rights, which is why we came here to talk about the need for children not to be discriminated against.

“Every child is equal before the law, every child is entitled to education, entitled to associate with others. There are terms of imprisonment attached to some of the offences and fines attached to some, for every crime, there is a sanction.

“I will not say FIDA Rivers has done one hundred per cent at least we have done sixty per cent and we are still talking about it for the full implementation of the Law. For people to know what to do and what not to do”.

Adata- Bio-Briggs further emphasized that every child must be allowed to grow through each process of a child’s formation stage and not be subjected to adult treatment when he or she is still a child.