Farmers in 36 states endorse Obi for president


Brave Dickson

Farmers across the 36 states of the country have come together to form a group called the National Farmers Support Group in order to endorse and give their full support for the Peter Obi presidential candidacy.

Speaking with our correspondent, the convener of the group, Engr Fidelis Amadi said farmers across the country came together to endorse Obi based on his antecedent and other statistics.

He said, “we first evaluated all the presidential candidates for the 2023 election and chose Peter Obi ahead of others based on antecedents and statistics.

“Most importantly, we need a president that can listen to farmers and we found Obi to be the candidate that can do that, if elected as president.

“You know that farmers are easily commonized and looked down on and we do not want a candidate who will become a president and can not be accessable to farmers.

“Farmers have suffered a lot in this country from the hands of bad administrations, hence we decided to endorse a presidential candidate that can come to our aid if we vote for him.

“Look at the so called CBN loan for farmers, I can tell you for free as a practicing farmer that only those who are close to the presidency are benefiting from that loan.”

The group also lamented the spate of insecurity under the Buhari administration, saying that farmers now go to farm with fear of being killed or kidnapped by criminals.

Amadi boasted that Obi will fix the security challenge in the country if elected as president, adding that his tenure as governor of Anambra State recorded high level of security in Anambra.