Dementia: Tinubu’s men begged me to cease fire – Muhammad


Naja’atu Muhammed, the former head of the civil society organisations directorate of the APC presidential campaign council says Bola Tinubu, the party’s presidential candidate, has appealed to her to “cease fire.”

She said the former Lagos State governor is suing for peace and is willing to visit her in her home to ensure that.

Recall that the APC PCC, while responding to Ms Muhammed’s interview with The Whistler claimed that she was sacked due to incompetence and leaking vital information.

But speaking with Thisday, Ms Muhammed described the party’s claims as a lie.

“You know, Asiwaju himself wanted to come to my house. They met my mentor Wamako, and they spoke with a lot of people for me to cease fire. Then, last (Monday) night, I decided that we would cease fire”.

According to her, the Tinubu media team had broken the ceasefire, stressing that “the conversation continues” regarding Mr Tinubu’s mental and physical capacity to run for president.

“But then I saw this (APC’s PCC’s statement alleging she was sacked from the council). Asiwaju himself wanted to come to my house to plead with me—I swear to God almighty! They were already running helter-skelter—going from pole to pillar—for certain people that I respect to prevail on me to cease fire. As of last night, I agreed to cease fire.

“But when I saw their statement this morning (Tuesday), I sent it to Farouk, and I sent it to Omar Farouk. I also sent it to a few other people that were pleading with me. I told them: ‘Ceasefire gone!’ The conversation continues.

“Everything about them is paralysed. When did they sack me? Could they have written a backdated letter? When you base everything on lies—I swear: yesterday (Monday), I was feeling so bad as so many of them were pleading with me. It’s not good to be arrogant. We must always be humble.”