Defamation: Apostle Suleman issues Cease and Desist letter to actress Halima Abubakar, demands apology within 3 days


Apostle Suleman Johnson, the senior pastor of the Omega Fire and Miracle Ministry International has issued a Cease and Desist letter to Nollywood Actress, Halima Abubakar over what he described as defamatory statements she made against him.

Suleman through his lawyer, Rodney Adzuanaga, Esq. of the Ephesis Lex Attorneys & Solicitors also gave the actress three days to apologise or face legal actions which may include monetary damage.

Recall that the actress made several posts on her Instagram page @halimabubakar which the pastor said were defaming his person.

Some of the posts read: “Shan you said you don’t think I am smart? lol ask sule. At your big age Am glad gistlover sent dat list. Thank you gistlover for calling me out. I for dey lie and lie For sule? Never. God bless you gistlover. But your list small for real!
Johnson try me”.

“Pls don’t worry about me. But you can hold Johnson Suleman responsible just in case. you can’t do anything though. Nigerians be aware If anything happens Johnson is you”.Johnson Suleman wake up and tie her!! you must untie her. you owe her two kids you evil man…not even how is your health for 4 sister must survive o.

“supporting you in your lies won’t work again. Anyone who involves his/her self will be tagged a bloodsucker.. All of you supporting nonsense.
No be sule again. Sule, why do they bleed? They know the truth.

“you told her, to wait for you to find why! Knowing well what you did.. Giving you space is not possible. How many women have you done this to? you said yourself that, you cant solve it! why cant you solve it? Then you disappeared. Not a word since! with all the calls, Tex’s etc. Sule she believed you. Nigerians this man is dangerous and a hazard to society. Protect your selves from ppl like this.

“I fuck up yes. I own my mistakes. But I won’t lie anymore. Nigga said he was separated. I didn’t meet a married man. I met a bizman with three kids. Long story, stay away from liars.

“Every month, only you. You paid off the blogs, only you, God forbid. Look for lies and send it to your bloggers. They need am.
But you you you JS. You bought market Sule. Emperor Sule. Allow me rest biko”.

Apostle Suleman said her posts do not only impute that he is diabolical and is responsible for whatever medical condition and affliction she claims to suffer; but also purport that he had an affair with her.

The letter read in part: “Our client is an Apostle and Senior Pastor of the Omega Fire and Miracle Ministry International, with branches in all states of Nigeria and several countries of the world.

“By virtue of his Apostolic calling and reach, he has several million followers who look up to him and his ministry for spiritual guidance and direction.
It is our brief that you caused to be published malicious, defamatory, and demeaning statements about our client on several microblog sites, chiefly Gistlover, and your Instagram handle, @halimabubakar, which have wider reach within Nigeria and the world. The statements, with their imputations, include the following:

“The above defamatory statements published by you on your Instagram handle, @halimabubakar, not only impute that our client is diabolical and is responsible for whatever medical condition and affliction you claim to suffer; but also purport that our client had an affair with you (even proposed to marry you by offering you a ring) and numerous women – the list of the women you claimed, “is small”.

“These statements, made by you, knowing fully well that they are false, untrue, malicious, defamatory, baseless, and a tool of blackmail of our client, impugn the reputation of our client and reduce him in the eyes of responsible and right-thinking members of the society.

“We, therefore, demand that you CEASE and DESIST from further publication of the said defamatory statements or any other statements and or publication intended to injure the reputation of our client.

“Further to the above, we demand that within 3 (THREE) days from the date of this letter:

(i) You cause to be published by the same online platforms and FIVE national newspapers, not limited to The Punch, Nation, Guardian and Daily Post, to a letter retracting the said earlier statements and publication as false, untrue, and baseless;

(ii) You deliver a letter through our office to our client stating your FULL
ASSURANCE and UNDERTAKING that you will CEASE and DESIST from publishing previous defamatory statements and or further defamatory statements against our client;

(iii) You will indemnify our client in respect of all costs incurred in defending and protecting his reputation that you have sullied by your false, malicious and defamatory statements.

“Please, be informed that in the event you fail to comply with this CEASE and DESIST notice and accede to the aforestated DEMANDS within the aforementioned 3 (THREE) days, we have further legal instructions to issue the Writ of Summons against you and seek sundry reliefs for defamation, including monetary damages”.