Court remands native doctor for attempted murder


A Chief Magistrates Court in Awka, Anambra State, has remanded man named Nonso, a native doctor in prison for attempted murder.

The Umuona native in Aguata Local Government Area of Anambra State, was arrested for attempting to bury his 25-year-old lover and her two children alive.

He was arraigned for Sexual and Gender-Based Violence on Wednesday before the Court presided over by Genevieve Osakwe.

The suspect had reportedly sent a commercial motorcyclist to bring the victim and her children to his home and later slit her throat and attempted to bury her and her two children in an already dug grave in his backyard.

The victim, who was discharged from the hospital, said she went to see the suspect because he had promised to marry her earlier.

“On that fateful day, the suspect sent a bike man to bring the kids and me to his house. He didn’t let us leave that day because it was already late. He later told me that he had a surprise for me, and he used a white handkerchief to blindfold me,” she explained.

She said it was at that point that she struggled to know what was happening, but unfortunately, it was late as the suspect had already brought a knife and started slitting her throat.

The victim further noted that although she struggled for her life, she was overpowered and dragged to an already dug 4-5ft grave in the suspect’s backyard and pushed into the grave.

She also said that the suspect, who threw a big stone over her head, went to bring a shovel to cover her when she started shouting, thereby alerting the suspect’s sister, who had long slept off.

According to her, the suspect’s elder sister came to her rescue after she had also alerted members of the public, who captured the native doctor, but by then, the bike man, who was his accomplice, had escaped.