Buhari’s government lacks competence capacity – Obi

Buhari’s government lacks competence capacity

Dr Peter Obi, a former governor of Anambra state has lamented the high rate of borrowing by the Federal Government in the guise of using it for capital project while mortgaging the future of posterity.

The former vice presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, however, challenged the Federal Government to show the capital projects that such borrowed money has been expended on so that everybody will know such projects.

Obi who stated this while commissioning the Isiopko Internal Roads constructed by the Rivers State Government said there is lack of competence capacity by the APC-led federal government.

“Accountability in government is the most critical yardstick to determine good governance and to build the trust of the people. For recruitment into governance, competence capacity, and visible performance like we are seeing here today should be embraced.

“The reason why Nigeria is not working today is that people have been recruited based on sentiment and that has to stop because the country is collapsing.

“Every day you hear Nigeria is borrowing money, and when you ask they say it is being used for capital projects. Please, we want to commission those capital projects. Let them invite us to accompany them for the commissioning. So that when our children ask us about the borrowed money, we can point to the projects to answer them,” he said.