6 gifts Nigerian men do not want this Valentine


It is the month of love, the month of sharing and couples are warming up to give and/or receive endearing gifts from their partners.

Nigerian men, having been receiving a particular set of a gift from their partners for as long as Valentine is concerned, have taken to their various social media handle to warn their partners to desist from the unacceptable act of unacceptable gift.

They went ahead to list the 6 ridiculous gift items are visibly tired of receiving and wouldn’t want anyone gifting any of the following to them ever again.

1. Boxers and singlet

Right from their teenage ages, men have received boxers and singlet many times than they can count. The message here is that anyone that tries gifting them this duo, will not only be receiving anything in return, but the person stands to suffer for 600 years.

2. Sex

They have warned against using sex as the main gift. According to them, they, however, don’t mind the sex as a complimentary gift but using it as the main gift is highly prohibited.

3. Pen and jotter

They strongly warned against this insult. According to these men, anyone that as much as thinks about it will have to be dealt with in more ways than can be imagined.

4. Handkerchief

They said this act of cruelty is unacceptable this year as they all have all bought and installed air-conditioners at home, at their offices and their cars/keke. So there is no sweating in their lives this year.

5. BYC T-shirt

They warned that any T-shirt that isn’t designers will be thrown out with the giver.

6. Throw pillows/ mugs with their face

They warned that if it isn’t an exotic car with their branded face, you should forget ever branding their faces on anything at all.