2023: I will transform Nigeria like I transformed Ebonyi – Umahi


The APC Presidential Aspirant and Governor of Ebonyi State, David Umahi, has commended President Muhammadu Buhari for his infrastructural interventions in the South East Zone.

Governor Umahi stated this while addressing SouthEast APC National Delegates ahead of the Presidential Primary in Owerri on Tuesday.

Governor Umahi particularly paid glowing tributes to President Buhari for the ongoing construction of the second Niger Bridge, saying he would have written his name in gold when the project is completed.

“The President of this country, President Muhammadu Buhari has done more for South East than he has done for his region, so we will continue to thank Mr. President, the Second Niger Bridge, nobody else would have done it if not President Muhammadu Buhari.”

While soliciting the support of South East Delegates to his aspiration, Governor Umahi assured that he would transform Nigeria as he has done in Ebonyi State.

“What is happening in Ebonyi State may be the microcosm of the macrocosm of what Nigeria is looking for, if it is money bag I may not be there but if it is in the indices of what I have done I present myself to you and look forward to anybody to come and say that I am not the best candidate for this job.”

Umahi appealed to the Delegates to bear in mind that they are answerable for their actions in the future in the course of exercising their right of the franchise during the Primaries.

“We need this Presidency because if we don’t, we would not have something to tell our children, the body language of the man with a good heart, Mr. President, suggests that he wants power to go to the South and our brothers from the North to say that the answer is South East.

“Let us wear our credibility and capacity, we can take the Country to the next level, my position is that our brothers from the South-South and South West should give us a chance on the platform of the same equity that we asked the North to give us.

“If the Presidency is to be rotated between regions, I continue to say that the North East and South East are the only zones that have not tested Presidency.

“If it is to provide good roads we have it, if it is to provide critical infrastructure, we have it, we have been able to provide jobs, everywhere you go to in Ebonyi State is a construction Site.

“If you are voting and you do not give us votes that justify the agitations for this Presidency, you will answer questions in the future, I use Ebonyi State as the mirror image of what will happen, so think home, we owe our children explanations.

“We will not stay watching for 16 years, we need to be wise, collective action is what Ndigbo need to liberate themselves, we need one Nigeria built on the platform of equity, justice, and fairness, give me your votes, and I will be the answer, I will improve on what my father Mr. President is doing, I am one of you, trust me.

“I have assured you that this project, I and my brother can do it.

Governor Hope Uzodimma in his address said the project on rightful placement of Ndi Igbo in Nigeria requires the collaboration of all Igbo sons and daughters.

“I commended Governor David Umahi for his courage and patriotism in the actualization of this project and I wished him success.

“As the electioneering processes intensifies, we hope to progressively unite the diverse interests of the region in pursuit of a common objective for the overall benefit of Ndi Igbo”.